The Quest for the Turin Shroud

 3-D image of the Turin Shroud

3-D image of the Turin Shroud

As part of their research for a television documentary dealing with scientific controversies concerning the Turin Shroud, are examining various issues. Here's how you can help.

One of the most controversial claims concerning the Shroud image is that it contains "3-D information" that allows a picture of the man whose body it wrapped to be reconstructed using nothing more than the image itself. Such claims are based on the assumption that there is a direct relationship between the intensity of the image and the distance between the cloth and the body wrapped within it. In other words, the darker the image, the closer that part of the body was to the cloth, and the lighter the image the further away it was.

If true, this is a highly significant characteristic of the Shroud image. Paintings and photographs do not have this property.

The 3-D claim was first made in 1976 by two physicists, and Shroud enthusiasts, who were working for the United States Air Force, Drs John Jackson and Eric Jumper. They were later instrumental in setting up STURP. Jackson and Jumper used a VP-8 image analyser, a (at that time) state-of-the-art piece of equipment that had been developed for NASA.

 The American Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP)

The American Shroud of  Turin Research Project (STURP)

Jackson and Jumper's claims have gone largely unquestioned, by believers and sceptics alike, and are now part of the accepted facts about the Turin Shroud. This is despite the fact that (as normally required for new scientific data) the results were not reproduced and verified independently.

However, in the early 1990s, during their research into the Shroud, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince decided to test this claim with the assistance of an image analysis expert and modern image processing software. They were unable to produce the results that Jackson and Jumper, which led them to call the whole claim of 3-D information into question.

Who is right?

Faced with the two conflicting claims, would like more, independent researchers to try their hand, and see what they can find. This is what you do:

Scan the images of the face of the man of the Shroud.

Using any image analysis programs or techniques, see what results you can come up with.

Send us a report of your findings, giving details of your methods and the conclusions you reach, together with copies of the images you obtain.

Further Readng

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Internet Links

 Negative of a shroud replica by Professor Nicholas Allen

Negative of a shroud replica by Professor Nicholas Allen

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