Rosslyn Chapel Mystery (cont.)

Ground plan of Rosslyn ChapelTemple of Mysteries is currently carrying out research into one of the most enigmatic series of carvings, the 'cubes' bearing strange patterns - which some think may represent musical notes - which are found in the Lady Chapel.

The chapel is believed by many to be the link between the mysterious Knights Templar of the Middle Ages and Freemasonry. It has long been claimed that Freemasonry evolved from the Templars, the medieval order of warrior monks - the special forces of their day - who, it is said, were driven underground when the Order was ruthlessly suppressed by the King of France and the Pope in 1307. The enigmatic carvings within Rosslyn Chapel include both Templar and Masonic symbolism - yet, curiously, it was built a century and a half after the supposed demise of the Templars, and a century and a half before The Green Manthe accepted origins of Freemasonry... Clearly, Rosslyn Chapel holds the secret of the true history of these great orders.

The Templar/Mason link was personified by the mastermind behind Rosslyn Chapel, Sir William St Clair, Prince of Orkney. Sir William's ancestors had close links with the Knights Templar, and his descendants were granted the privilege of being hereditary Grand One of the many 'cubes' at RosslynMasters of Freemasonry in Scotland, so both the building and its owners, the illustrious St Clair (later Sinclair) family, seem to provide the 'missing link' between Templars and Masons.

Partly due to such heady connections, Rosslyn Chapel has also become the focus of myriad theories. Was it built to safeguard a 'Angels' or 'cherubs' playing musical instrumentsgreat secret or a fabulous treasure? And if so, is this mysterious something buried in the vaults beneath the chapel floor - or perhaps hidden within the walls or ornate pillars? Is Rosslyn Chapel really, as some have argued, the final resting place of the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Rood of Scotland? Some believe that the fabric of the building conceals scrolls or other documents revealing the truth about the origins of Christianity, found in the Holy Land and brought to Scotland by the Templars. The most recent theory is that the secret of Rosslyn Chapel is that somewhere beneath or within lies the embalmed head of Jesus Christ himself.

A Rosslyn Templar MassWhatever the real secret of Rosslyn Chapel, it has always been a magnet for those any of an occult and mystical caste of mind, even including Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, who sent an emissary to investigate both the chapel and the nearby Rosslyn Castle in the early years of the 1930s.

The chapel is a 'hot spot' for dowsers and diviners, who feel that the location was originally chosen because there is something Rudolf Hess & Adolf Hitlerspecial about the ground itself - an ancient power, welling up in this sacred spot.

Several other nearby sites, especially Rosslyn Castle, which is only a short walk away from the chapel, have their own tales to tell.

Today, the chapel, which received about 25,000 visitors a year, holds a special place in the hearts of the international Masonic and modern Templar movements, both of which hold regular ceremonies there, to a background of mist and the skirl of the pipes.

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