Rosslyn Chapel

The Mystery

What is it that brings so many people to this out-of-the-way chapel? Not only is Rosslyn Chapel (or, to give it its official title, the Knights TemplarCollegiate Church of St Matthew) a stunning example of late medieval architecture and the stonemason’s art, but it contains many clues that it is more than just a place of worship – and even that it was never intended to be simple a Christian church.

History of Rosslyn Chapel

The mastermind behind the project was Sir William St Clair, known as 'Prodigus', 3rd Prince of Orkney. Sir William was the grandson of Prince Henry St. Clair of Orkney, known as 'the Navigator', who many believe led an expedition to America a hundred years before Columbus's 'discovery' of the New World.

Pagan Green Man carved at Rosslyn ChapelThe Mystery of the Carvings

Although ostensibly, like other collegiate churches, Rosslyn Chapel was intended as a place of Christian learning, there is much to suggest that Sir William St Clair's intentions were, to say the least, unorthodox.

Knights Templar & Masons

Rosslyn Chapel is seen by many as the 'missing link' that demonstrates continuity between the Knights Templars and the Freemasons.

The St. Clairs of Rosslyn

A brief history of the Chapel builder's family; the St Clairs (modern day Sinclairs)

Excavations at Rosslyn ChapelWhat Lies Beneath Rosslyn Chapel?

It has long been speculated that the chapel was designed to hide something of great importance - a treasure or sacred object. There are legends of treasure attached to Rosslyn Castle and some believe that it is the treasure of the Templars that Philip IV of France failed to seize when he suppressed the Order in 1307.

Rosslyn Chapel & The Thule Society

On 9 May 1930 Dr Karl Hans Fuchs, a former member of the Thule Society - the occult/mystical group that flourished in Munich in the early 1920s and which was closely associated with the origins of the Nazi Party - visited Rosslyn Chapel. While visiting the Edinburgh Theosophical Society, Fuchs informed the members that he had been sent to Scotland.

Earth Energy at Rosslyn Chapel

Dowsers and diviners recognise Rosslyn Chapel as a place of power. It lies at the conjunction of two major ley lines, Excavations at Rosslyn Chapeland within the grounds and the chapel itself master dowsers have reported dramatic reactions to upwellings of energy. One remarkable sign of the energy appeared overnight on the altar stone. More...

Related Locations

According to local tradition, treasure worth 'several million pounds' is buried beneath the castle vaults, and is guarded by one of the St Clair ladies, who, like sleeping beauty, sleeps through the centuries. If she can somehow be awakened, she will point to the place where the treasure is buried, and when this happens Rosslyn Castle will rise from its ruins.

Rosslyn Chapel Today

Today Rosslyn Chapel, still a place of worship and in great demand for weddings, is an important tourist attraction, receiving around 25,000 visitors a year. Although it is currently undergoing major restoration work, the site remains important to both Freemasons and modern-day Knights Templar alike.

Books and Web Links

Further information for researchers.

One of the many 'cubes' at Rosslyn ChapelThe Cubes Quest

Find out about the known facts and current theories regarding these enigmatic carvings. Join in with the Temple of Mysteries quest into decoding the secret of the cubes.

Temple Update

A few miles to the south-east of the Rosslyn Chapel lies the village of Temple, the former site of Balantrodoch, the Templars' headquarters in Scotland, which is currently the focus of a Temple of Mysteries project that aims to uncover the lost heritage of this key site.

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