Illuminati Origins

In a work first published in 1924 - Secret Societies and Subversive Movements –Nesta Webster devoted a lengthy chapter to the Bavarian Illuminati as devised by Weishaupt.

Illuminism, Webster claimed, was no more than a scheme of anarchic philosophy. It was self-evident, she claimed, that Weishaupt had drawn on earlier doctrines - particularly those of the Manicheans and the Ismailis. Infused with this rich stream of esoteric doctrine Weishaupt also incorporated Freemasonic legend. He was also not averse to inventing totally spurious Freemasonic 'high degrees'.

Exploring the source of Weishaupt’s original inspiration for The Illuminati Order, Webster highlights the role of the mysterious Kolmer. This merchant from Jutland returned to Europe in 1771 after spending several years in Egypt. He had returned with a secret doctrine based on Manichaeism. Kolmer met Cagliostro in Malta. In Germany he met Weishaupt and initiated him into the secret mysteries of his doctrine. Weishaupt later incorporated these mysteries into his Illuminati doctrine.

Mystic Warriors

It is now possible to reveal the likeliest source of Kolmer’s secret doctrine – a doctrine that was embraced and amended by Weishaupt and later transmitted through the agency of Freemasonry. The doctrine transmitted to Kolmer has ancient roots – a blend of Manichaesim, Zoroastrianism, and the rituals of death and resurrection.

From the sixteenth century until only forty years before Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati a mysterious cult flourished in Afghanistan – with its main headquarters hidden in the Hindu Kush. Founded by Bayezid Ansari – known as Pir-i-Roshan, or The Sage of Illumination – his Roshaniya cult, the cult of The Illuminated Ones, bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati. The resemblances are too strong to be mere coincidence.

In common with the Roshaniya, the Bavarian Illuminati adopted the Persian calendar, while degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati correspond to the eight degrees of the Roshaniya.

The eight Roshaniya degrees, in order of ascendancy, are:

4.Enlightened One
8.Chief, or King

Compare these to the Bavarian Illuminati degrees of:

4.Illuminatus Major
5.Illuminatis Dirigens

Secret Writing

The Roshaniya also adopted a code based on the alphabet, which bears striking similarities to Freemasonic codes. These Masonic codes were based on the Mason mark – symbols used by The Roshaniya Codemasons, or builders, to identify their work. One of the major guilds associated with the Roshaniya was the builder’s guild, which would have utilised ‘mason’ symbols. It appears the Roshaniya adopted these symbols to form the basis of their secret writing. Through the agency of Kolmer these codes were transmitted to the Bavarian Illuminati – which in turn adapted them as their own secret code.

The basic code has twenty-four numerals substituted for the 26 letters of the alphabet – with ‘I’ and ‘J’ represented by the numeral 4, and ‘U’ and ‘V’ represented by 20. The code for members of the higher degrees of the Order utilised the ‘mason’ symbols. The cult, in common with both the Bavarian Illuminati and Freemasonry, also had its own rituals and secret passwords and signs.

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